My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Time

Will it be another weekend of catnaps?
Or, perhaps, something more exciting??
Y'all have no idea how crazy my life is right now. I mean, you have some idea if you are a reader of this blog or if we are close in real life. But even those closest to me do not get all the details of things I am exposed to every single day.

Rehab. I talk about it a lot. I complain about it a lot. I sing its praises. I dread it and I love it - we have a very complicated relationship, rehab and I. (smile) I have shared stories with some of you about people I've met there. I even wrote a post last month about about my rehab buddies.

Recently, for the purposes of my own mental health and sanity, I have tried to take a step back from some of rehab-ville so I can stay focused on myself. It has not made sad things any less sad or happy things any less happy, but it has allowed me to find a mental place where both focus and empathy can co-exist.

This was a very difficult week for me. I watched someone from rehab with whom I have a strong connection go on a very treacherous journey. But, and I feel kind of horrible saying this, it is partly because of the shock and sadness this week that I have now gotten to a place of such mental clarity. I had to see it, process it, talk about it, feel it, and then - as per my new tools for coping with life right now - set it aside in the proper mental compartment. This sadness will suck the life out of you if you let it. And as I wrote about in recalling last weekend's dry run and the subsequent follow-up post - I don't want to allow that to happen to me.

While my moods these days can change like the tides, I really hope I can hold this focus. Because for the first time in a while I am really and truly excited for the phone to ring. Despite the risks/possible complications/horrible stories I've heard, I know that I will have my own journey. We get our chance with new lungs, with new life, and this is my chance. This is my time! I feel empowered knowing that the things I bring to this are the elements for an extremely successful outcome.


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  1. So succinct and poignant, you are. I'm feeling pretty burned out at rehab and your mindfulness is an inspiration.