My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots of good news

My dad and I at my commitment ceremony, May 2009

The big news around here is that my father, who has emphysema/COPD, was approved for a single lung transplant this week! He made it through all the tests and appointments and was given the green light by the committee. I can't tell you how happy we all are at the prospect of having dad be able to do all the things he hasn't been able to.

My mom continues to make great progress from her hip replacement surgery 2.5 weeks ago. She is going to be released from the rehab facility on Monday. She is going to have PT people come to her house during the week for a while still. And, while she will still need help with some things she should be able to get around relatively well. And she will be home!!

My leg/back (sciatica) has really improved in the last couple of weeks. The numbness is finally gone from my foot. My chiropractic adjustments have gotten easier - as he said they would if I did what he said and was patient - and my leg is a lot less painful. Unfortunately, the healing process is not super close to being over because my back was so messed up even before the sciatica, so there is a lot of ground to make up. I was approved to start PT this week, which is another positive step, and should help me to improve even more, and sustain the changes I've made.

Coumadin update: met with my coumadin doc last week and we decided that he is going to refer me to a hematologist. I am happy with this decision. It does mean that I will stay on the coumadin until then, which will be about a month or so. But we needed another perspective in order to make the decision of staying on coumadin for 3 or 6 months.

I have made a lot of positive changes in my life in the past week. The biggest is that I quit drinking soda. It has been way harder than I thought, because even before when I would cut out Diet Coke (which I think is probably the worst of the sodas that I drank), I would still drink stuff like Sprite Zero, Diet 7-up, Fresca, Diet Sunkist. Oh god, I was a total soda junkie.

The reason for this change is that diet stuff (in particular artificial sweetener and caffeine) is not good for you. I wanted to "detox" from artificial stuff (sweetener) and soda is the biggest culprit for me.

Also, Diet drinks are particularly bad for me because caffeine deteriorates your bones (I already have enough help with that having CF and being on steroids - double whammy) and dehydrates you. So I have been drinking a lot more water, which is another thing I've been wanting to do for a while. Pretty much juice, water, coffee, tea, and beer...the last three in moderate amounts.

Next to health there are the environmental reasons. Not wanting to have Diet Coke at the house, I would often stop and buy one after work. Drinks in plastic bottles really aren't good for the environment. Even if you recycle them, they are still a petroleum product. And the smallest reason was money - while cases of soda in cans are relatively inexpensive, those trips to the convenience store paying $1.50/drink are not.

Enough about soda.

Todd has been in Montana for a little over a week. He is having a great time. Lots of fishing. Seeing a lot of cool wildlife (he saw a moose a few days ago!) And getting to hang out with our little nephew. I am jealous of all these things.

Here at the house, Todd being gone has put me into full "project mode." I have straightened up, cleaned up (here as well as at work and some at my mom's house with the help of her awesome neighbor) - made 3-4 trips to the thrift store in the last week. My friend Jeff is power washing our deck. After that, I hope he'll do the house, and then maybe clean the outside of the windows. We are also gearing up for painting my office which I am very excited about (purple!!)

However, I fear that I may have pushed myself too far even thought I was trying to be conscious of my limitations and energy, and I hope that it is not too late - meaning I hope this doesn't turn into a CF-exacerbation requiring IV antibiotics. Thursday afternoon and evening I was very tired, even after a nap, and though I went to bed early that night, I woke up on Friday feeling pretty terrible. What I call my CF-I-did-too-much-and-stressed out-my-body-yuk. My whole body was sore, my skin actually, almost flu-like, and I was very tired. And my lungs were hurting (strange, I know) and suddenly more congested than usual. Went into work late, napped after work, and went to bed early again in an attempt to get back on track. So far I am feeling better today, but I still plan to take it easy this weekend.

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