My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a week - whew!

Front of Little Duke Hospital

My mom's hip replacement went really well this past week! As in, so far there no complications with the surgery, her pain seems relatively well controlled, and she is making slow and steady progress every day.

The hospital her operation was at is very nice, Duke Raleigh hospital - Little Duke I will call it. They have an entire floor of all orthopedic patients, everyone is competent and friendly. It's a pretty plush place for a hospital.

They decided to release my mom to a rehab facility on day 3 after her surgery. I was never quite sure what went into that decision. In retrospect, we probably would have pushed to have her stay at Duke for another couple of days and then maybe she could have gone home or at least spent less time in the rehab facility.

She was transferred to the rehab facility yesterday. The place is basically a nicer than usual nursing home, not what we were expecting. (The case manager had told my mom it was "the best place" with this and that and the other...I'd hate to see the other places.) They didn't have a phone for her, a walker, the right kind of bed, her pain med lapsed several hours when she first arrived. Needless to say, it was a bit of a stressful day for her.

Anyway, this is my blog, but I thought at least some of you would be interested in hearing about my mom's surgery. There is obviously a lot of other details, but that is the overview. She seems great for having had major surgery four days ago! Which isn't to say the recovery will be easy.

What else... we had a house guest this week, Todd's awesome cousin. We went to see a concert Wednesday night downtown. The band was Mumford & Sons - I love their CD but the concert was just ok. In part because of the sweltering heat (over 90 degrees after the sun set!)

My leg is making a small amount of progress in the right direction. I was given some stretches to do each night and we hope that will keep my back open between adjustments and speed things along a bit. I can't WAIT to be cleared for more exercise. As it is right now, I've basically given up doing much of anything. Which is sad. I see my pulmonary doctor soon and this is not the ideal build-up for trying for awesome pfts, but whatever.

Lastly, I think sort of by default, my docs and I have decided to keep me on the coumadin for another three months. Ahhh...summer. Summer and blood clots.

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