My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home Stretch

Mom with Dr. Comstock - er, Dr. Clooney - at her appointment this week

I would be lying if I said I haven't been really down and missing Todd the last week. I am ready for him to be home. I feel so disconnected from him having not seen him for two weeks and only talking briefly on the phone every other day or so.

At first I was engrossed in making the best of "the single life" - and, truthfully, I do fine by myself. I enjoy alone time, it's nice to not have to plan for or think about other people... but it does get lonely.

I was also not looking forward to this loooong weekend during which most people will be out of town or are doing fun stuff and I have no plans. I do, however, have one very fun house project planned: painting my office purple! It's going to be a lot of work but I have three days to do it. If I finish the walls I also have two bookshelves I want to paint. Stay tuned.

Me update: leg is doing about the same, which is to say continuing to get better. Had a (painful!) massage this week and it helped loosen things up and I subsequently had my best adjustment yet afterward.

The run-down feeling from last weekend fortunately didn't escalate to anything. yay!

Had a dental cleaning this week and I'm going to need my first crown. boo! I think the cause is actually the way that I hold my nebulizer cup in my teeth - go figure.

I was really dreading my pulmonary appointment on Thursday because I haven't been able to exercise like I want with my sciatica. I kind of got let off the hook, though. I did my PFTs and then my doctor had to run somewhere for some kind of emergency, so we agreed to talk on the phone in an hour or so.

The basic story with my lungs right now is that they are fine (FEV1 46%, up from 43% last time, which was down from 49% previously.) Not awesome, but the numbers are ok at least. (I exercised right before and I really think that made a difference because I checked them the night before at home and they were only so-so.)

I have been coming down sloooowly off of a Prednisone taper since my last appointment three months ago and I haven't been able to get lower than 7.5 mg/day. I have gotten down to 5 before when I was feeling good - which is a daily amount I am comfortable with. (Let's just say my mom's hip-replacement surgery has inspired me to really try to take care of my bones...I already have osteopenia and I'm only 32!)

I just don't understand why my allergies/asthma could continue to be an issue with all of the stuff I am on for it! Just to review:
  • Advair 500/50
  • Singluar
  • Allegra
  • Prednisone
  • Allergy shots
  • Xolair shots
I seriously feel like we are throwing everything at it and it's still not great, which is very frustrating. We talked about a few things to try: upping my Prednisone temporarily, having me do a bronco-dilator before my treatments, and, possibly, trying an inhaled medication for emphysema that is being used for some CF patients. (Spiriva.) I'm going to try to get some samples next time I'm in clinic. Dr. C says he has another patient very similar to me that has done well on it. Leave no stone unturned...

We also talked about my continuing to be on coumadin... ugh. He thinks I should go off of it and is going to see if the hematology folks can get me in any sooner than the end of August. He said that I am a unique situation in the clinic, that there aren't really other patients they've had in this situation. That seems crazy to me because a lot of CF patients get ports and some of them must get clots. But the majority of clots they see are with picc lines, which are removed, so they don't continue to have the foreign body in them. So it is a whole different ballgame.

And lastly, I may participate in a trial for a new inhaled antibiotic for CF: levofloxacin - it is in the same family as Cipro. Very cool that we may soon have another inhaled antibiotic for CF!

My mom continues to do well although she's been a little down since getting home. I'm not sure why, I think she is just processing all that has happened - it's a lot! The picture above is from mom's appointment this week, her 3-week follow up, which went very well. Her doctor is not only awesome with exquisite bedside manner, but also very handsome - so we asked to take his picture. :)

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