My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good, active, yet gimpy week

I am officially off the lovenox shots since Monday and I have to is a little anti-climactic considering how much I was dying to be off them the past six weeks. Nonetheless, one week of no pokey is definitely a good thing.

The du jour happening for the week has been the issue with my leg that I spoke about in my last blog. I was able to get things loosened up but the pain and stiffness in my leg and glutes has continued. Two visits to the chiropractor later, I am able to walk almost normally and my muscles have loosened up to the point where at least I feel I can stretch them productively on my own, which is good. I'm hoping for a massage this week to continue loosening things up. The muscle twitching I was having has stopped, but - somewhat alarmingly - my heel and part of my foot are still partially numb. I am keeping a close eye on that.

Anyway, the other fun thing from this week is that I ended up catching Todd's cold. Fortunately, it has not really slowed me down at all, seems to be affecting me mildly. Which is really awesome. I am still feeling really good overall.

It has been so nice out this week - 70s and low 80s, sunny - that we went for a couple of really good bike rides downtown. It is so fun riding downtown - makes me feel so urban. :) Friday night, we rode downtown to dinner, then to a show; Saturday we sat outside and had lunch, did some much-needed yard work, then met friends out for a birthday celebration. Today, I am going to go back to yoga (took the week off because of my leg), wrap up soap in preparation for First Friday, and then grill out. I'd say that is a very good weekend!

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