My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kitty week

The cat forever to be known as "kitty"

I had a pretty interesting week. Went to a Bulls game with some co-workers on Wednesday night - it was a perfect night for a ball game. Got some pool time in with my good friend on Thursday. We used to go a lot but this is the first time we've gone this summer. And yesterday I had a friend over and we grilled out pork chops (which turned out really well, not dry!) and then played a pretty intense strategy game at which I lost badly. But it was still fun. :)

I found a kitty on Sunday! She was a very friendly black cat who was so hot (it was 100-degrees out) that she was panting. She was also bald on her hind legs and rear end and had scabs around her neck, it turned out, from being allergic to fleas. I was worried about her and ended up taking her to the emergency vet.

$330 later she had been given fluids, de-flea'ed, her respirations were down, she tested negative for all communicable diseases, and they had given her shots of antibiotics and steroids. Long story short, it ended up that her owner was on vacation and she had escaped from her house. He got home two days later and they had a happy reunion. While it seemed he might not be taking the best care of her, the flea issue was recent and he'd been trying to get it under control, and the cat supposedly had a micro-chip since she doesn't keep collars on. So it was a happy ending.

I had a good session of PT on Monday, except that my leg tightness, which is the main symptom I've experienced since this has been going on for the last two years, doesn't really seem to be getting better. However, other good things are happening and in general I feel like I am progressing well. Then on Tuesday night I was standing at the sink coughing and irritated/reinjured the problem area in my back. At first it seemed minor, but it has turned into the same thing as before - really tight, keeps feeling like I need to stretch it but that doesn't really help, painful to turn certain ways. Ugh.

I was pretty much "over it" even right after that happened. As in, I'm tired of this messing up my life. So I went ahead with my elliptical that night - that was OK but probably wasn't great for it. Thursday I swam some laps at the pool, again, seemed OK. And Friday I was back at PT for my first "acute" visit since I started going. This morning it again feels tight and irritated. So I'm going to try to take it easy this weekend.

This week's appointments: (ha! I have so many appointments, I could probably have a category like this every week!)
  • Monday, PT (above)
  • Tuesday a.m., endocrinologist (diabetes): went well! A1C was 7.0 which is great, means my sugars have been under good control.
  • Tuesday p.m., rheumatologist (allergy doc): I have been on allergy shots for 4 years now, and the Xolair shot for 3. The goal of these is to try and reduce the amount of steriods that I am on (both inhaled, Advair, and oral, Prednisone.) I have had a good year in terms of infection, but a bad year as far as Prednisone use. I am currently on the equivalent of 10mg a day, which is more than I want to be on. (5 would be ok.) So we decided to re-allergy test me. The thought being to see what I still react to even though I'm supposedly being treated for the things I am most allergic to. We are doing that on Wednesday and I am excited to see the results.
  • Thursday - ok, this one was voluntary. I went to a screening visit for a clinical trial for a new inhaled antibiotic, levofloxacin. This is a drug that has been used for a long time in oral form, Levaquin, but the inhaled form is new. This is a stage II trial to test safety. If I get into the study, which I should, I will start it (or placebo) in two weeks. I will go back then, and then every two weeks for two months - the idea being that they follow me while I am on it and for the month afterward. To get into this trial, I have gone off my current regimen of inhaled antibiotics, and that is, fortunately, going very well.
  • Friday - PT (above)
No big plans for the weekend, just going to take it easy.

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