My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Litte Less Intensity...and Snow!

Doc (aka Crazy Dog) has a dog version of a snow angel that he likes to do. Here he stops for a moment to pose for the camera.
Sam chewing on a snow ball - literally his ball covered in snow! Doggie heaven.
My last few blogs have been pretty intense but this one's going to be a lot lighter.

It was a good week overall, filled with all of my new normal things - pulmonary rehab, paperwork, appointments. We were pretty much Olympic-watching junkies all week long. I enjoy most everything except for curling - check out this video to find a much better version of curling involving cats.

Is that your final answer?

Monday was a bit of a sad day. It was the day that I told my bosses that I would not be coming back to work. It was extremely difficult, but I know that it is the right thing for me to do. Still some processing to do, but I took that first difficult step. I have given myself a working title of "Stay-at-home-fur-kid-mom."

I am also finding my way quite well with all of the disability stuff. I got some much needed free legal help with my long-term disability and am officially in the queue to get free legal help from another place to apply for SSDI. That is my next big project.

*     *     *

I am hoping that this round of IVs will only last for two weeks. Things are going really well - my lungs have improved quite a bit, my kidneys are handling the meds well and I think that I managed to not catch a cold that Todd caught mid-week. This coming week I see both my pulmonary doctor and my ear, nose and throat doctor to test my hearing and check in about sinus issues.

Other than that, I have been six weeks without alcohol and it has never been more difficult not to drink than when we were snowed in for two days! But I did it. I have actually been a little tempted since then, just wondering to myself why it is I'm doing this and what exactly I hope to get out of it. I'm not sure the answer, but something tells me I need to stick with it for now. And so I will.

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  1. I love those pictures. It rarely snows where we live but when it does, my favorite thing is to take the dogs out. They get so excited in the snow. It is like this fantasy world that is bizarre and strange to them and they can not quite figure it out. But they definitely love it and go all in.

    Tyron Tanaka @ Low And Canata