My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crappy week

It's been a crappy week. My positive outlook is nowhere to be seen.

Overall, I'd say that just everything is setting in a bit more with Roger's death and all that we went through with that and then my big health ordeal. I have felt frustrated that my exercising like crazy does not seem to be paying off in terms of raising my PFTs. Oh, I know it's good for me anyway, and it's actually one of the few things that I have really enjoyed and looked forward to this week. So there's that.

This week we found out that someone in our extended family had a suspicious growth that may be cancerous. I am sort of out of the loop, but right now I think things are looking good for it being totally fine, but we will know for sure soon. It just made me so sad, so depressed. It's so much to deal with...

And I woke up on Wednesday morning with a sore throat. Whoopee! I haven't even made it to my 4-week follow up - during which I'm supposed to be doing everything possible to raise my PFTs - and I am fighting another virus. It means I will more than likely be starting another course of IVs soon unless something miraculous happens.

It's not so much the doing IVs that bothers me, it's the frustration I've felt about exercising so much with it doing no good, and knowing that I am only going to lose ground here before I can continue on that path to getting better. (I will say that functionally my lungs felt good before I caught the virus this week, and I am thankful for that even if the numbers don't back it up.)

Todd is doing okay. It has been a difficult week for him. But he is having a really great weekend in the mountains with three of his oldest and best friends and I am very happy for him. Here is a picture of a big fish that he caught. I like this picture because he almost has a smirk on his face. And also because I know that when he is fishing, he is happy.

Todd with big fish on the New River in Virginia, Oct 2012

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