My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Write

When it comes to my blog, I feel pressured: to say something profound, to come up with the perfect title, to at least say something interesting that people will want to read. I'm not sure what any of those are right now, so I'm just going to write.

I got home from a 10-day trip to Cleveland visiting my dad on Monday night. As most of you know, this wasn't a pleasure visit (although there were lots of fun times) but rather because my dad had been in the hospital about 10 days earlier with "respiratory failure" they called it - basically he had a bad panic attack and hadn't been able to catch his breath. Since this is my blog and not my dad's blog, I won't go into more than that.

It is good to be home but feels strange being so far away from my dad. Being there feels like home, too - although a different kind of home of course. There has been a lot going on my head but it is really is just a lot of mumbo-jumbo right now. I thought the words might come but I guess now isn't the time. Maybe I will have more to write once I've had a little more time to process.

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  1. Welcome home, Laura. I'm glad you were able to spend the time with your dad :-).