My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Monday, April 26, 2010


I think I found a yoga studio. I checked out this place called Evolve twice last week. It is fairly close to my house, they primarily teach flow yoga which is my favorite style, it is fairly small (get lots of feedback) and most of all the people were really nice. They also have a teacher training course if I were to decide to do that later down the road.

I decided to start out in a Level 1 class, just to know what I was getting into. The classes were good but my practice is really beyond what they were doing. For example, they were teaching starting variations of asanas of which I am working on the full pose. But I did enjoy it and there is always a lot to get out of every yoga class. I enjoyed both the teachers I had a lot.

I also went back to the Y for two yoga classes this week. There is one teacher there who I really like (the one who taught the chakra workshop I blogged about before) and a pretty difficult open level class on Saturdays that I really like, too. That class always makes me push myself.

I'm really happy with the yoga situation right now. I will probably see how much I start going to Evolve and then decide what kind of package (i.e. financial commitment!) I want to make to it. I have a feeling my Y classes will drop off, but I'm just not sure. Yoga studios are not cheap. To drop in for a class is usually $15; then if you buy a package it averages closer to $12. This has been a huge deterrent for me joining a studio (since the cost of the Y is so low and there are many good teachers there that I like) but I'm feeling ready to make the commitment.

In other news: went for two awesome bike rides this weekend (Spring!), been feeling really great, and the debut of 808 soap is set for May 7. More details on the soap to follow soon!

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