My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I had another blog planned out for the day but I was just sitting here thinking, I wonder what it would look like to walk around the house and take pictures of what my life looks like right now. I tried to leave things as close to how they already were as possible - so it ain't all gonna be pretty folks. Here goes!

My throne! Nice of Todd to relinquish it to me. :) Notice water bottle and hand sanitizer in close reach.

A tank (and carrier) for every occasion!

Brownie love...these represent not only what my awesome friends are doing for me (thank you Sandy!) but also that I am eating lots of junk food these days under the guise of wanting to gain weight for surgery.

Our NA beers of choice, respectively.

Protein shakes! I drink one a day.

The constant motor loudness from the oxygen concentrator is something we've learned to live with.

Sigh...this represents things I am missing out on. Todd has been downtown listening to bluegrass music without me the last five days.

This represents the extra time (and inclination) I've had to purge and organize our house. Before, the bunny stuff was all kept here.

It's all bath or all sink bath for me! This cup is for washing my hair.

Magazines waiting for Aunt Jane! She and Aunt Martha are planning to come up for my surgery and to help out afterward.

The ugly box of IV supplies in the corner of my least I have it confined to one box! That is no easy feat.

My secondary transplant bag - things to bring once I'm in step down - wonderfully soft sheets (thank you Sheila!!), my diabetes pump supplies and pajamas.

Never enough pillows for sleeping these days! And of course I had to include a cat in one of these pictures.

My night time ritual

Sinus rinses...every day.

One of several shelves of pills.

Counter top stuff: on the left, my next two IV doses warming up, a big bottle of (the most amazing in the entire world, EO lavender-scented) hand sanitizer, my current antibiotics and pain meds.

Recycling says, "Todd, please take me out to the big recycle bin so we can be with our friends!" (Note protein shakes and Starbucks cups.)

An empty calendar, just for drama. No plans!!!


  1. Thank you for the tour and for your lighthearted humor....YOU rock!

  2. Hi there, Laura! I'm SO sorry that it's taken me so long, but wanted to let you know that I've added you to the cf blogroll. Sending you so many wishes for a successful transplant soon!

  3. I love your last caption, just for drama :) You're funny. Thanks for the tour.