My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two great beach weekends

Spent the last two weekends at the beach with Todd's brother, father and our four-year-old nephew Sawyer. Three generations of Platts! We had so much fun. I thought I would show you in pictures.

 Roger and Brad made a stopover in Raleigh to pick up Sawyer and Jill from the airport. This meant FOUR golden retrievers at our house!
 Todd, Dan, Brad - We went down to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Dan's 50th with him.
 Todd, Sawyer, Brad
Todd and Sawyer playing frisbee at Holden Beach

 We went to a nearby TNC preserve - the Green Swamp - to look for Venus flytraps. Sawyer had a lot of fun but got tired at the end.
 Sawyer and Brad on Holden Beach.
 Sawyer loves his puzzles!
 Sawyer and I in the Green Swamp.
Sawyer's first time surfing - he's great at practically any sport he attempts.

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