My Two Favorite Dorks

My Two Favorite Dorks

Friday, July 30, 2010


This post is kind of depressing, so I thought I would put a cute kitty picture at the top. This is Lucy lounging on a beach towel. Lucy lives at Todd's aunt's house at the beach - a house with no permanent residents. I think his aunt across the street feeds her. Lucy is like her mother - Chatterbox - who was also very vocal. I love her! She is my kitty at the beach. :)

Anyway, I've been a little depressed lately. That's really not like me, normally. But it makes sense - there has been a lot going on - and so I have just been letting myself feel it. I hate to act all put-upon, but I have kind of a lot going on with just my normal life, health-wise. How much can one person take? For the past week,it has felt like a sort of breaking point. I'm honestly not sure why, I know things could be way worse, but they are just really getting to me right now.

It's hard to say when it started, but I know that when I visited my dad in Cleveland there was a sadness there about my dad's health that hasn't been there before. It is so hard to watch your loved ones struggle. Shortly after that, we learned of - yet another - one of Todd's family members coming down with cancer. And it's bad: stage four, spread everywhere. It's so sad. With both Todd and I's dads recent health problems, and then hearing about Todd's cousin, when my gall bladder issues started happening, (and the sick kitty) it made it seem much worse than it ordinarily would.

There has been a bit of good news this week: Gus does seem to have responded to the antibiotics. And I had a hida scan to follow up from my ultrasound and it came back normal. That same night, while having a grilled cheese in celebration of my good test results, I had gall bladder pains again. So I'm not at all convinced I won't still have to have it out, although it's nice that it isn't urgent and/or incredibly painful. I'm going to ask to be referred to a GI doctor to discuss what all of this means.

And there was more sad news, too. This morning I found out that my dad had to go to the ER earlier this week because of another escalated panic attack. It doesn't sound as bad as the other times it has happened, but it scares the crap out of me.

Adding to my morning, Todd and I had a stupid argument last night (I'm sure my stress added to my irritability) - things are fine, now, it is very unusual for us to fight - but it left me feeling awful this morning. Must. Not. Fight. About. Dogs. Again.

So yeah...I've been better. Today I was so stressed I was actually feeling dizzy - not good.

However, I came home from work, took a nap, and then had a really enjoyable evening with several of my oldest Raleigh friends. It isn't all bad, I know.


  1. You know who you remind me of when you say you are just trying to sit with the feeling of depression and experience it, don't you? :-). You are very wise, I do believe that is the best way to let it pass.... I'm sorry you've been feeling blue and hope that you feel back to your usual self soon. I'm thinking of you!!! <3.